Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Wales' Tales 3/7/17

Skies alight with morning sun,
Grass still wet with early dew,
Garden quiet as a tomb,
Women move to offer view
Of a body in a grave,
Hasty rush as time was short,
Once that death had clearly come.
Need to make the lasting tribute
For their loss had left them numb.
He had been their beloved teacher,
Healer, guide and faithful friend
For these women had been present,
Staying ‘til the painful end.
Now to roll the stone from doorway,
Who will help with final task?
But the stone has been unsettled,
Where is someone there to ask?
With their herbs and spices ready
To perform the final rite,
What has happened to the body,
Since that awful Friday night?
Peering in they see the grave cloths,
Laying there upon the stone,
And two angels stand before them
Where they thought they’d be alone.
Why the tears? Who are you seeking?
In this place of souls so dead.
Don’t you know he said he’d risen
When three days had quickly fled?
He’s not here. He’s gone before you.
Joining those he’d left behind.
In the place where they are hiding,
He appears and offers kind
Words of healing, food for thought,
Proof that he has changed the process,
To what is and not what ought.
Death has lost the final battle,
Fear and pain will finally cease,
He has conquered death through mercy,
Offering all the way to ….


Wales' Tales -2/24/17

The forty-day Journey has now just begun,
To reach the sure ending of Jesus the Son,
To go to Jerusalem, there to confront,
Not miracle, healing or publicity stunt.
A sure confrontation with those now in charge
To question the reason for actions so large
That people who tried to be faithful and good
Should feel that they fail and be misunderstood.
Insisting on rules invented to keep
The common folk bound when awake or asleep.
This Jesus had come to fulfill all the law,
To make things anew, to get rid of the straw
That clutter the meaning of faith and refuse,
To open the way for some really Good News.
But it is a journey with twists and rebuffs,
A difficult travel o’er valleys and bluffs.
The twelve who go with him will struggle each day
To understand fully what Jesus would say.
Not sure they were ready to follow the road,
Yet sure that they wanted to carry the load
Which Jesus had promised to them at the start
If only their faithful response was their part.
And so we move closer to an end we do fear,
Aware of the truth filled with hope and with tear.
To come to the day when we stand ‘neath the cross
And feel all the anguish and pain and great loss.
But first we must journey, and know it will cease
When we will discover God’s unending…


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Wales' Tales 1/10/17

January’s come and gone
And time is moving fast.
Before we even take a breath
The next month will be past.
We struggle just to get ahead
And discover that we fail
Because the time to make our plans
Is gone – we need a nail
To stop the flow of every hour
To hold it in one place,
So we can really see what is
And what we have to face.
But that’s the way that life
Is planned – a part of God’s
Grand scheme
We never really have control,
It all seems like a dream.
One day we sit in nursery
And play with gentle toys
The next we find that we have
Changed to little girls and boys.
And then we are in high school
And soon we start to work,
Creating our career path
From clerk to soda jerk.
Then we meet that special one
Who makes our life complete
A match to make each day anew
With pleasure and with treat.
And then a family appears
To fill up all our days,
The babies, teens, the college kids
As they go on their ways.
When gray hair suddenly appears
We know that time is short,
The cycle that God set in place
Becomes our last resort.
But in the turning time of life
Our joy need never cease,
For God is still the one in charge,
Who brings the gift of…


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wales' Tales 12/13/16

Looking to the year ahead
Is filled with wonder, joy and dread.
Never knowing what’s in store,
Always seeking to know more
About the way that life will change,
Afraid that it might seem so strange
To start the year with much unknown,
Wondering if we’ll be alone
To face a future that’s unclear
Never knowing what is near.
Where’s the hope, the joy, the life
When the world is rife with strife?
What can make us feel more bold?
What will grant us health and gold?
Can we find that magic wand
That offers us our wants so fond?
It may be our search is wrong,
Driven by a force so strong.
A force that seeks to make us weak.
False idols made of pride and pique
The power of sin that burrows in
A wicked game we cannot win.
The tempter really holds the cards
Creating chaos in our yards,
Causing us to become blind
To God’s good gifts that make us kind,
Gentle, loving, full of hope
Never clinging to the rope
That dangles near its very end,
As though we really must depend
Upon the things that glimmer bright
Afraid we’ll drop right out of sight
Of God who offers light and life,
An end to war, to fear, to strife.
Instead of fearing what might cease,
We should depend on God’s sure…


Monday, October 31, 2016

Wales' Tales 10/31/16

I sat at the table
All ready to eat,
The food overflowing
With veggies and meat,
With bright candelabra
And silver so neat,
It couldn’t be better,
I’m ready to eat.
But then out the window
I saw a large crowd
Of people so hungry
Their stomachs grew loud.
So thin, and so anxious,
Their bone showing through
I thought to myself
Now what should I do?
I might ask them in but
There just were too many,
And if they all ate
I wouldn’t have any.
A quandary, a question
A struggle within
How could I help
With these people so thin?
I could draw the blinds
And pretend they’re not there.
I could turn my back
And pretend to not care.
But hearing the rumbles of
Hunger so close,
Suggested that God was
Just giving a dose
Of medicine I found
Too bitter to taste.
To open my eyes to
The food that I waste.
I fail to be thankful
For all that I have,
And when I’m not sharing
There isn’t a salve
To the pain of the hungry,
The cry of the lost,
I need to respond
Every way that I can
So I might discover
That God has a plan.
Just share in the blessings
And make hunger cease.
For Christ sets the table
And offers all…

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Wales Tales

A Special Wales’ Tales

He stands at the wheel
As the winds fill the sail,
As free as the birds of the sky,
Enjoying the sun, the sea and trees,
As the shoreline slips rapidly by.
The pans in the kitchen are ready at hand,
To create a meal to be shared,
A means of revealing the time he would take
to show just how much that he cared.
A jack of all trades, he’d fix anything,
And responded to all when they’d call.
He wanted to be the one who was there
To help if somebody might fall.
His presence brought life to those near and far,
His smile would make others glow,
And he was quite ready to share the outdoors
With all whom he happened to know.
He truly did care about other folk,
Without thought of who they might be,
Because he believed that they all were the same
Entitled to live and be free.
So friendship he gave to all that he’d meet,
Coworkers and family alike,
He welcomed them all to be part of his world,
A relationship that he would strike
To make them aware of this beautiful earth,
All the lakes and the hills, the mountains and fields
The creation that’s ours from our birth.
By helping a friend, by doing good deeds,
By living the Eagle Scout Oath,
He was aware of a call to show love,
To serve God and humanity, both.
He leaves us alone, at a time much too soon,
On another sea his life now sails,
But one thing we know as we bid him farewell,

It’s his love that he showed still prevails.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Wales' Tales 7/25/16

Once in a while as time passes by
We need to take time to review
The life that we live as each day moseys on
To measure the old and the new.
For in the routine that we like to live,
There may be a call to find change,
A need to examine what always has been
And root out the odd and the strange.
We call them our habits
The things we do best,
The regular, common and true,
They bring us some comfort
And help on the way-
It is those that we need to review.
It may be the smoking of a cigarette,
Or eating too much at one time,
Or biting our nails, or fussing with stuff
Or trying to make all words rhyme.
Whatever the reason, the cause at the start,
The thing that seems just what we do,
Should make us aware of the things that we “don’t”
And decide to begin something new.
Perhaps change the route that we usually choose,
Or think about learning new things,
Or stopping to visit the neighbor next door
To relish what tomorrow brings.
If we are so comfortable with what we do,
We may just be caught in a rut.
Or from the outside, as those peering in
May see what they think is a nut.
So stretch who you are, extend what you do,
Experience life and release
The patterns you follow because they are yours
And you might stumble onto God’s…